Baby please don’t go 

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midori by modifying the face of the claim that his pretend that is.

Hundreds of hours of this, I can learn quickly.

Face as it mimics the body. Megumi is it this time?

I got sick from the people of The Sims.

Please do not lose your style…

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Yo, ho ho! How ‘bouts a bottle of rum? - Pirates!


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-can’t wait to torrent island paradise-

-I mean download it from a person-

-no wait-

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1 : I have no idea… Sorry :/

2&3 : The dress is from here :

Lipstick color : #f34178 or R:243 G:65 B:120

◊ Make sure you have only one default skin in your game.  Don’t forget to download the tone rampe (The link can be found in the CC list.). 

And thanks you !

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HD picture. 

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Oh en voila un bon moyen de trouver quelques camarades francophones. :p 

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- Enekjaer Island -

What? I totally meant to upload this on the same day a new store world is released, don’t be silly!

It feels good to say, that after  working on Enekjaer for a good six months it’s finally done and ready to play!

Enekjaer is a quaint little island/town located somewhere off the coast of Simmark. It’s made with a medium range computer in mind (like mine, cough) and should run pretty well on just about everything, as it’s actually a good bit smaller than EA worlds at only 45.5MB.  Enekjaer is on a medium map and has 55 lots. 19 residential lots, 21 community lots and 15 blank lots for expansion. It has most the rabbit holes,  and the community lots I deemed most important (most the features of the lot-types I left out can be found around town anyway).

Since the beta a lot of minor fixes have been done around town (floating ceilings, NPC’s will now live at apartments, and so on), custom weather has been made, custom paintings have been added, community lots change slightly with the seasons, and secret secrets have been added around town ready for discovering!

There’s also an optional save-file for those who want a populated world. It comes with 9 families, containing 31 sims in a good mix of genders and ages. There are also 6 pets and 9 premade NPCs. (I just counted all of this, so think of it as approximate numbers, haha)

The save-file also comes with the rabbit holes properly named, as I couldn’t get the names to stick in CAW.

The world contains a little bit of CC: a set of terrain paint and a custom painting, and rabbit hole rugs (The base game ones from here, this equestrian center, and the gypsy caravan from here).

I recommend you download this, but if you play CC-free you can always bury the rabbit holes, and fix whatever oddities that result in the lack of terrain paint and random EA replacements of the paintings.

Enekjaer requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons and University Life.


Now, there’s probably something that I forgot to add, but in that case I guess I’ll come back to it later, and if I made some silly mistake in the upload, I’ll fix it first thing!

I follow the tags “Enekjaer”, “Enekjaer Island”, and “Fagersims”, and I love seeing pictures of Enekjaer in people’s games! *hint, hint*

Finally the final version ! This world is wonderful ! It’s faaaaaaaaaar better than EA’s worlds. 

Thanks you ! 

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OMG this is a REVOLUTION ! Now you can make custom blueprint ! Can’t wait to try this awesome mod ! 

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